Brief Overview

We offer a 15 month Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Services Management which has the following recognition:

  • Financial Services Commission (FSC) approved
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified by the CPD Certification Services (international body in the UK)
  • Accredited by the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) 
  • The General Legal Counsel of Jamaica has certified our Course, ‘Understanding and Interpreting Jamaica’s Financial Laws’ for 8 Continuing Legal Professional Development (CLPD) credits, which would be beneficial to your legal team

Each of the 14 courses is four to six weeks in length and may be completed individually as Certificate Courses. These courses are applicable to almost anyone in your organization that is seeking new information or more in depth knowledge on the financial services sector.

We also provide monthly workshops that cover key industry topics ranging from Estate Planning to Communicating in a Crisis.


What is e-Campus?

The JSE e-Campus is a web-based e-learning system that allows students to attend courses online. Lessons are interactive with video and audio clips of lecturers. Students are able to read content, view e-books, do tests and other exercises relating to a specific course. Additionally, students are able to bookmark their position in each course and resume the course from that point at any time within the time frame. The system tracks participants’ usage and scores from tests. At least one eight-hour session is required to complete the credit hours. As such, students get the opportunity to interact with lecturers and tutors face-to-face in lively and intense classroom sessions. Lawyers who are completing the Understanding and Interpreting Jamaica’s Financial Regulations & Laws course for continuing legal professional credits will not be required to attend a face-to-face session.


Our Aims and Objectives

    • To provide certification and comprehensive, structured and continuous professional education, training and information for persons in the regional financial services sector;
    • To upgrade the skill and information-base of persons who received their Jamaican Securities Course certification to a level II standard;
    • To expose participants to international best practice standards and operations;
    • To enhance leadership skills and impart valuable industry knowledge;
    • To facilitate the development of ideas that will redound to the growth of the sector.


JSE e-Campus Offers

      • Quality professional education at competitively affordable rates
      • Relevant courses for the financial services sector
      • Exposure to international best practices standards
      • A cohesive and flexible learning environment
      • 24/7 access to all online facilities
      • Regular chat-room sessions with lecturers and tutors
      • Frequent real-world application
      • Access to training with Bloomberg trading terminals
      • Student services are available upon request. Additionally orientation sessions for new participants may be arranged


Recent Accomplishments

The JSE e-Campus is dedicated to upholding the integrity and high quality standards of its programme while ultimately fulfilling its consumers’ needs. As such the JSE e-Campus has gained membership with and certification of its courses through the prestigious ‘CPD Certification Service’ in London. This is an independent organization which provides accreditation services compatible with global Continuing Professional Development principles. They have accredited programmes for institutions such as the London Stock Exchange and the Imperial College of London.

The JSE e-Campus’ Post-Graduate Diploma programme has now been designated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Jamaica as an approved course for securities dealers and advisors.

Most importantly, as at December 2013 the JSE e-Campus is registered by the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) which is the national quality assurance body for tertiary education. This registration status signifies that the JSE e-Campus meets certain minimum operating standards required for the conduct of a tertiary institution in Jamaica. 

Also, the Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Services Management has been accredited by the University Council of Jamaica.



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