Key Insurance Company Limited (KEY) – Changes to Management and Board Composition

Posted: April 2, 2020 at 7:55 am

Key Insurance Company Limited (KEY) has advised of the following resignations from the Board of Directors of the Company:

• Mr. Neville Henry effective March 26, 2020
• Mr. Marc Ramsay effective March 27, 2020
• Ms. Kala Abrahams effective March 31, 2020

KEY has further advised that at a Board Meeting held on March 31, 2020, Mrs. Natalia Gobin-Gunter resigned as Chairman of the Board and Mr. Donald Wehby was appointed Director and Chairman of the Company with immediate effect. At the same meeting of the Board, the following individuals were appointed to serve as Directors of the Company (subject to regulatory approval):

  • Mr. Linval Freeman
  • Mr. Kareem Tomlinson
  • Mrs. Mariame McIntosh-Robinson
  • Ms. Rochelle Cameron
  • Ms. Herma McRae
  • Ms. Kerry-Ann Heavens

KEY has also advised that consequent on the resignation of Ms. Treveen Little as Company Secretary of the Board on March 27, 2020, Ms. Kerry-Ann Heavens has been duly appointed as the new Company Secretary of the Board, effective March 28, 2020.

Additionally, KEY has advised that the Managing Director of the Company, Sandra Masterton, demitted office effective March 24, 2020. Tammara Glaves-Hucey has assumed the role of General Manager of the Company.

For ease of reference and clarity, the table below sets out the current composition of KEY’s Board of Directors and their respective dates of appointment:

Board Member Date of Appointment
Donald Wehby (Chairman) March 31, 2020
Natalia Gobin-Gunter Continuing Director
Sandra Masterton Continuing Director
Linval Freeman March 31, 2020
Kareem Tomlinson March 31, 2020
Rochelle Cameron March 31, 2020
Herma McRae March 31, 2020
Mariame McIntosh-Robinson March 31, 2020
Kerry-Ann Heavens March 31, 2020

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