JSE Stock Market Game – Calabar In second SMG Title for 2010-11

Posted: February 20, 2012 at 12:00 am

Calabar High School, with an impressive One Hundred & Ninty percent profit, wins the 2010/11 JSE Stock Market Game for High Schools Trophy, sponsored by the Gleaner Company. 


In 2009/10 season the boys from Red Hills Road won the competition for the first time. In the 2010/11 season Calabar not only retained their title but did so with an impressive one hundred and ninety percent (190%) profit on their initial $200,000.00 to win with a portfolio value of $580,551.86. The consistent Campion College was one better this season finishing in second position with a portfolio value of $348,033.95 and former champion, Hillel Academy in third position with a portfolio value of $267,096.00.

The Stock Market game for high schools completed its third season. A Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) innovation was designed to inculcate the fundamentals of stock trading and stimulate students’ appetite to invest for the long term. Endorsed by the Ministry of Education, participating schools are allowed to enter two students who are assigned a portfolio with one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) of virtual money to buy and sell stocks traded on the JSE for a period of eight months.  The students compete for individual prizes and their aggregated portfolio values determine the schools’ positions.


This season’s competition was shortened by a month on the request of the participating schools’ teachers as the competition ended date of May affected the students’ preparation for CAPE and CSEC examinations. The competition started in September 2010 with twenty-four schools spanning as far as Westmoreland in the form of Manning’s High School to Portland represented by Port Antonio High. There were five new entrants this season with two finishing in the top ten. The schools entering for the first time were Manning’s High School which finished in fifth place ($232,227.00); Spanish Town High which placed eighth ($216,881.40); Wolmer’s High School for Girls ($160,553.50); McGrath High ($155,347.00) and Old Harbour High School ($143,967.00)


Calabar, the 2010/11 winner’s pair of Trevaughn Morris and Shane Hylton started trading late but quickly adopted a short strategy (buying and selling a stock within a few day after the stock price appreciates) similar to their predecessor which enables them to realize profits in excess of 190% or $380,560.76. Whilst second place Campion College’s Sherry Perrier and Giovanni Pritchard made a profit of 74% or $148,033.95. In third place with a profit of 33% or $67,096.00 was former champion Hillel Academy. Kingston College’s Lloyd Smalling and Rashawn Watson, 21% or $42,177.40 placed them forth and new entrant Manning’s High 16% or $32,227.00 profit placed them in fifth place.


Trevaughn Morris of the champion school Calabar High was declared the winner of the individual standings with an impressive portfolio value of $316,792.24 or 217% profit. Whilst his teammate, Shane Hylton placed second with also an impressive portfolio value of $263,68.52 or 163%. Campion College’s Sherry Perrier placed third with an impressive portfolio value of $229,382.50 or 129% profit


 Kingston College’s Lloyd Smalling and Hillel Academy’s Giovanni Pritchard with portfolios valued at $147,194.00 and $142,066.00 or 47% and 42% profit respectively, completed the top five in the individual standings.


The JSE takes this opportunity to thank our sponsor, the Gleaner Company who has seen the vision and merit afforded by this competition to students to enable them to understand the fundamentals of trading, the types of companies listed on the Exchange and to broaden their scope to various career paths. Thanks to the teachers who have guided their students throughout the eight months and to the students who made the effort to trade and do the necessary research to make informed decisions regarding the buying and selling stocks.


The General Manager of the JSE, Mrs. Marlene Street Forrest, stated that “she was very pleased with the progress of the students and their level of participation in this the third season of the competition and encouraged the teachers and parents to continue providing the necessary support”. Mrs. Forrest also stated that “she looks forward to having more schools participating in future competitions and invites sponsors to come on board for what we believe is an important way to develop more financially savvy adults for the future”.


Analysis was done by Mr. Michael B. Johnson, Market Officer Jamaica Stock Exchange.

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