JSE Stock Market Game 2012-13 Season

Posted: August 28, 2013 at 12:00 am

Calabar High School seems to be unstoppable as the made it four consecutive wins in the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) Stock Market Game for High Schools.
The Jamaica Stock Exchange’s Stock Market Game for High Schools is in its fifth season. The Game started in October 2012 and now ended in April 2013. This season, there are four first time entrants, three from the parish of St. Catherine. The new entrants are Ascot High, Innwood High and Willowdene High and Trench Town High.
This website based simulation game allows students to buy and sell stocks traded on the JSE stock market. Each participating school has two students who will trade and compete against each other and students from other schools over a seven months period. Each student is given a portfolio with JA$100,000.00 virtual money to invest and the students with the highest portfolio value at the end of the period are declared the winners and the school with the highest aggregate will be crowned the JSE School Champion.
After the first three months of trading, former and three times champion, Calabar High had taken the lead and four months later they maintained their lead to be crowned champions for the fourth consecutive season. Their North Street rival Kingston College passed first time entrant Innswood High to place second and with Innswood High in third place, St. Jago High and Kingston Technical High placed fourth and fifth respectively to round off the top five schools for the 2012-2013 season.
Calabar High School under the guidance of Ms. Loren McLeod has clearly developed the skills and discipline required to monitor, analyze and research the fundamentals to make informed decisions. For the year to date period January 2013 – April 2013 the market index declined by 8.73% to close April at 83,476.28. However, the value for the same period increased by 9.63% to close at $401,748,325.41, which indicated that these students were able to make good decision as it relates to individual stocks during the period.
Calabar High School combined value of $723,204.36 was $439,337.76 more than second placed Kingston College $283,866.60, with third placed Innswood High School only $1,236.10 behind with a value of $282,630.50. Fourth placed St. Jogo High School portfolio value of $204,494.76 was so only $1, 219.26 ahead of fifth placed Kingston Technical High School portfolio value of $203,275.50.
The members of the Calabar High team occupied both first and second place in the individual trading segment. Damorine Ellis is the individual winner with a portfolio value of $379,926.99 a $279,926.99 profit in seven months. Second in the individual category is Jason Hylton also of Calabar High he made a profit of $243,277.38 on his initial $100,000.00 investment. Trevaune Baker of Kingston College placed a distant third with only a profit of $67,596.60, Shemar Morris of Innswood High $54,617.50 profit placed him fourth and Mark Lindsay also of Innswood placed fifth with a profit of $16,270.00.
The general manager of the JSE Mrs. Marlene Street congratulates Calabar High School on their victory as well as all the students and teachers who participated. Mrs. Forrest emphasizes that” the Exchange will continue to promote the values and benefits of investing in the market to our children and encourage them to make every effort of the opportunity to understand the fundamentals of the market as they develop their critical thinking capabilities”
Analysis was done by Mr. Michael B. Johnson, Senior Marketing Officer, Jamaica Stock Exchange.

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