JSE Stock Market Game 2011-12

Posted: February 20, 2012 at 12:00 am

Calabar High School seeks to make it three consecutive wins in the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) Stock Market Game for High Schools sponsored by The Gleaner Company.


The Jamaica Stock Exchange’s Stock Market Game for High Schools is in its fourth season, which started in October 2011 and will end on April 30, 2012. This season, there are four first time entrants, namely, Guy’s Hill High, Holy Childwood High, York Castle High, and Ocho Rios High.


This website based simulation game allows students to buy and sell stocks traded on the JSE stock market. Each participating school is comprised of two students who will trade and compete against each other and students from other schools over a seven months period. Each student is given a portfolio with JA$100,000.00 to invest and the students with the highest portfolio value at the end of the period are declared the winners. The school with the highest aggregate portfolio value will be crowned the JSE School Champion.


After four months of trading, former and two times champion, Calabar High has taken the lead, with its long time rival, KingstonCollege, a distant second. Second time entrant, OldHarbourHigh School is in third position; former champion HillelAcademy in fourth and St. Andrew High for Girls completes the top five.

Calabar High is making a statement that winning the last two years was no fluke and is off with a bang, with a portfolio value of $677,125.89 in four months of which $477,125.00 is unrealized profit. The KingstonCollege pair has only increased their portfolio by $8,505.50 to occupy second place with a value of $208,505.50. Former champion Hillel Academy’s portfolio declined by -$7,377.00; and with a portfolio value of $192,623.00, is in third position. Old Harbour High is in fourth place despite a -$10,177.50 decline in their portfolio value of $189,822.50 and in fifth place is St. Andrew High for Girls with a loss of -$11,949.50 for the period and a portfolio value of $187,571.00

The members of the Calabar High team occupy both first and second placed in the individual trading segment. Lavois Cruickshank from Calabar High is in first place with an unrealized gain of $302,842.25 and a portfolio value of $402,842.25, while teammate Jevaughn Leon has some work to do with unrealized trading gains of $174,283.64 and a portfolio value of $274,283.64. The KingstonCollege’s pair of Jovanni Waugh and Romaine Crawford are in third and fourth place respectively. Jovanni, with a portfolio value of $106,696.00, has increased his portfolio by $6,696.00 while Romaine with a portfolio value of $101,809.50 has an unrealized profit of $1,809.50. Hillel Academy’s Matthew McCreath is in fifth place with a portfolio of $ 100,033.00 and he completes the top five.


Mrs. Marlene Street Forrest, General Manager of the Stock Exchange stated that, “The JSE continues to play it part in stimulating young minds to develop their analytical thinking by engaging them in simulation activities such as the Stock Market Game. We encourage more schools to seize this opportunity to expose their students to the capital market. We cannot thank the Gleaner Company enough for staying with us over the years and I am indeed pleased that they are on board again.

With three months to go in this season’s competition, we encourage fellow students, parents and teachers to follow your school, colleagues and children’s progress in the Daily Gleaner.

Analysis was done by Mr. Michael B. Johnson, Marketing Officer, Jamaica Stock Exchange.


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