JSE Public Stock Market Game

Posted: July 1, 2014 at 12:00 am

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) Public Stock Market Game was launched in November 2013 during its National Investor Education Week. After six months of trading, the second quarter winner Aaron Higgins leads the eighty-four (84) contestants with a portfolio valued at $19,933,738, while Babette Higgins $14,756,349 portfolio places her in second place. First quarter winner, Travis Norman is in third place with a portfolio valued at $10,356,016.

The JSEs Public Stock Market Game is a web-based simulation game which allows members of the public to buy and sell stocks traded on the stock market. Each participant trades and competes against each other over a twelve months period, from November to October. Persons who had an interest in participating were required to register by logging on the JSEs website after which they received a portfolio with JA$100,000.00 virtual money from which to invest. At the end of the twelve months period the person with the highest portfolio value will be declared winner and will receive a prize of $100,000.

After six months of investing, Aaron Higgins and Babette Higgins occupy the top two positions with portfolio values of $19,993,738 and $14,756,349 respectively. While in third and fourth positions are Travis Norman and Tevon Norman with portfolios valued at $10,356,016 and $10,180,098 respectively. Rounding out the fifth place position is Ralrick Lindo with a portfolio valued at $1,137.792.

Forty-Six persons representing fifty-five percent (55%) of the participants have portfolios over their initial investment of $100,000, and forty-five percent (45%) currently have portfolio valued below $100,000 with the lowest valued at $89,045 or a decline of 11%.

Despite the fact that the JSE Index has declined by 13% during the six month under review eleven (11) of the participants have grown their portfolio over $200,000 or 100%. It therefore, proves that investors can realize a profit despite the decline in the indices.

In commenting on the participation of the inaugural competition, Mrs. Marlene Street Forrest said I am really pleased at the level of participation and wish to encourage others to continue investing in the market. We look forward to a riveting finish.

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