Jamaica Central Securities Depository (JCSD)

The Jamaica Central Securities Depository Limited (JCSD) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) incorporated on January 8, 1998.  The JCSD was established to provide depository and settlement services for securities traded electronically on the floor of the Jamaica Stock Exchange using a book entry system.  This book entry system allows for easier and safer transfer of ownership since it eliminates the need to physically pass certificates from seller to buyer during a trade.

JCSD Mission Statement

To efficiently provide Depository, Trustee, Registrar and related services to our customers in order to build the capital market in the countries in which we operate while providing a return on equity

JSCD Vision Statement

In 2020, the JCSD Group is an efficient, independent and transparent employer of choice; service bureau for all brokers and central depository of knowledge for the securities market; commands 90% Registry market share and 50 trustee clients; facilitates $600B market capitalization and generates return on shareholders’ equity of at least 10% above T-bill.

JSCD Structure

The JCSD is divided into two Departments, the Depository Services Unit which has been operating since 1998 providing depository, custody and settlement services and the Registrar Services Unit which commenced its operations in March 2005 offering Registrar, Transfer and Capital Distribution Agent services.

The JCSD has one subsidiary, JCSD Trustee Services Limited which offers Trustee Services.


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