Mr. Garth Kiddoe

Mr. Kiddoe is an Enterprise Consultant, with experience in Corporate Governance, Accounting, Management, Accreditation Systems and Procedures and Electrical Engineering. He is also a trained Family Business Consultant. Most recently he was a member of the Project Management team for the UTech Enhancement Project, a US$42.6 Million project funded jointly by the Government of Jamaica, the Caribbean Development Bank and the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech).

Mr. Kiddoe is Chairman of the Professional Engineers Registration Board, a member of the Board of Directors of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) representing the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica (ICAJ), Chairman of the Board of the Jamaica Central Securities Depository Limited and JCSD Trustee Services Limited (both subsidiaries of the JSE), Chairman of the Board of Governors of the JSE e-Learning Campus, and a member of the Public Accountancy Board (PAB). He is a member of the Practice Monitoring Committee of the PAB and serves on other sub-committee boards of the JSE, including the Regulatory and Market Oversight, Audit and Corporate Governance Committees.