The JSE Group provides a wide range of services to the market. The primary services of the JSE Group are:
  • The trading of securities on its Markets, (Main, Junior, Bond and the US Denominated Market);
  • Creation of accounts in the Jamaica Central Securities Depository (JCSD)
  • Pledging of securities registered in the JCSD
  • Inter-CSD movements between Regional CSD’s
  • Settlement of trades through the JCSD
  • Trustee Services; and
  • Registrar Services

  The JSE Group offers secondary services, these are:
  • Annual Investments and Capital Markets Conference
  • The Best Practices Awards
  • The National Investor Education Week
  • Market Research Competition
  • Training and Education
  • Stock Market Game
  • ISIN Issuing Agency


  • Publications
  • Real Time Market Watch
  • Website Banner Advertisement
  • Online Archive Data